Quality Assurance is one of the most important aspect of any product and
we at Qurious Click makes sure it passes all the necessary checks
before the product is available to the public.

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Qurious Click
believes in
‘Prevention Over Inspection’.

We at Qurious Click work closely with every product to pass through the quality checks for all the websites and mobile applications which is developed.

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Helping clients to increase their revenue by developing websites,
with the small idea leading to finishing a pixel-perfect product.

Our Expertise

Approach of


Software Testing Documentation

The software documentation is prepared to depend upon the size and nature of any software development project. Our team of QA experts performs the proper analysis and then performs the strategic testing on the software.


Api Testing Automation

All the mobile applications and websites communicate with the server using the APIs and in this case, API testing is a must. Our QA Experts at Qurious Click create the postman collection and test all the APIs with the necessary steps to avoid any errors or crash issues in the mobile application.


Performance testing

Performance testing is the practice of evaluating how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload. Performance tests are typically executed to examine speed, robustness, reliability, and application size.


Manual QA Testing

Even after extensive automated testing, there are some issues which are not detected by computer, that’s where human intervention is required. Our team of QA experts performs the manual QA testing using industry-standard testing practices to ensure no bug remains undetected and unfixed.


Mobile Application Testing Automation

Automation testing allows us to test the applications across all the major platforms and the unique devices which are available in the market. The QA team at Qurious Click have experience in automated testing and have created functions and methods to make it more smoother.


Web Testing Automation

Automation makes things easy. It lets software robots perform repetitive tasks and emulate end-user interaction with the system under test, in order to increase the range, depth, and reliability of one’s quality assurance efforts.


Mobile Apps Testing

Mobile device testing is the process by which mobile apps are tested for functionality, usability, and consistency. Testing app on mobile devices can be done manually or with automation.

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Our Approach for
Web development

We follow an agile management process that encourages frequent inspection and adaptation

Development Progress

Please share your idea or complete design to get started.

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Main steps

1. Brainstorm your idea

Share your basic idea with us and our team of experts will work on your idea and come up with the concrete information based on the requirements shared with us.

2. Finalising features

Based on your requirements shared, we prepare a scope
of work document which includes the list all the features
and share with you for your approvals.

3. Timelines & Quote

Now you can sit back and relax. Our expert developers
at Qurious Click will begin with the design and development plan. We will share with you the complete proposal with exact timelines and Quote for your approval.

Development Progress

The heart and soul of any product.

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Designing steps

4. Wireframe and flow

Once we have the details of all the features and the complete scope of work, our design team will go through it and start working on wireframes. (low fidelity screens)

5. Designing

Once the wireframes and product flow are approved by the client, the next big thing is design. The heart and soul of any website or mobile application. We work closely with the branding guidelines to understand and craft the product to achieve a pixel-perfect design for the product.

Development Progress

The brains of the project.

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Development Steps

6. Front-end Development

Now that we have everything necessary, we go ahead and start with the development process of the front-end. We at Qurious Click work closely with both the backend development team as well as designers to achieve the top-notch quality of the product.

7. Backend Development

The backend development also goes side by side with the front-end development. This stage includes working with MySQL, Backend development frameworks, server-side configuration, APIs, etc.

Development Progress

Proper Quality testing and bug fixing.

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Quality Check Steps

8. Software Testing

Once the website or mobile application development is completed, our software experts at Qurious Click focus on software testing where each of the achieved features are tested, and the bugs which are found are assigned to the team and then retested and removed.

Development Progress

Time to Go Live!

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The Launch!

9. Uploading to Server or App Stores

And lastly once the development is completed and you are satisfied with the end product, it is time to upload on the server and go live.


How much it cost to develop a web application?

The cost of developing a website differs depending on the complexity of the project and the functionalities to be implemented.
Rest assured, we are very economical in our costing approach.

Do we sign NDA before starting the project?

Yes, we sign NDA with proper documentation. We value your privacy as well as understand the importance of your idea and we will cooperate fully.

Do you provide maintenance after development?

Yes, We will provide constant support even after the deployment. We offer 30 days of free bug fixing after deployment.
We will also assist in time to time up-gradation and maintenance of the website.

How will i get updates of the progress of development?

We provide timely updates of the project based on milestones. Not only that we schedule timely meetings during the project to ensure that we are on the same page as our clients.

What if I have the designs for the website ready and only need development part?

Yes, we will develop the website for you if you have designs ready. We also have our in-house designers in case of any help needed. We will develop the website exactly as per your designs.

Do you have a QA for testing the app?

Yes, we believe in proper Quality testing before the deployment of the project. We have our in-house testers and QA personnel who thoroughly checks the websites doing all kinds of tests before deployment.

Do you deploy the website on production server?

Yes, We will help you deploy the website on the production server. We not only develop but also help in other issues such as domain and deployment of the website.

Do you suggest improvements based on your knowledge and skills?

Yes, our developers are having vast experience in development. Taking advantage of this, we will also provide you with time to time suggestions for improvement and make the website even better.

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    Promo Fusion

    Promo Fusion

    Trade Show Notebook

    Trade Show Notebook

    Teneguía La App de La Palma

    Teneguía La App de La Palma

    Roast Degree Analyser

    Roast Degree Analyser

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        Promo Fusion

        “This iPhone Application with a brilliant and simple interface has been designed for receivers of the Promo-cloud.com platform music promos. Our Developers at Qurious Click have written...
        • Design

          UI/UX Design

        • Tools


        • Technology Stack

          Objective C, AVFoundation

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        Trade Show Notebook

        “This iPhone Application is designed and developed for noting down important data during Trade Shows. It is a great utility for end-users”
        • Tools


        • Technology Stack

          Objective C, CoreData

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        Teneguía La App de La Palma

        “This app is designed and developed on both ios and android platforms. It is useful for residents and visitors of the Island of La Palma. It...
        • Design

          UI/UX Design

        • Tools

          Xcode, Android Studio, VS Code

        • Technology Stack

          Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android), Core Data, Firebase, Laravel

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        Roast Degree Analyser

        “This app is designed and developed on both ios and android platforms. It is capable of identifying Coffee seeds roast level and quality. This app uses...
        • Design

          UI/UX Design

        • Tools

          Xcode, Android Studio

        • Technology Stack

          Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android), AV Foundation

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